Cheap Pittsburgh Painting Leads: 3 Things To Watch Out For

So you’re a painter and you need more business.

But, if you’re like most painters, you don’t have a massive advertising budget to spend on getting new business.

So your natural instinct is to look for cheap painting leads in Pittsburgh.

But this could be a big mistake.


3 Reasons.

First, cheap painting leads, or any kind of leads for that matter, tend to be out dated.

That means when you call the lead they may not be expecting you.

Imagine going online and looking for a painter and putting your information into 10 different quote request forms.

Now imagine you talk to a few painters and decide on one and then go about your business.

Then, out of the blue a painter calls you up days later asking if you still want a quote.

What would you say?

You see my point?

That’s what most cheap leads are: outdated and a waste of your money.

Second, cheap painting leads could have back-end expenses.

That basically means that they look cheap upfront, but the company selling them slip some fees and whatnot in on your after the fact.

For example, they could sell you their name and address for cheap, but charge more for email and phone number.

So make sure you know what you are paying for.

Finally, cheap leads could really end up being spam.


Because no one took the time to make sure the lead was really a buyer and not a seller.

Lot’s of people are trying to sell leads online.

Sometimes these sellers act like buyers to lure you in and end up in some other sellers lead list because they didn’t make sure they were true buyers.

Then you buy those leads for cheap and end up calling someone who just wants to sell you more leads.

Is your head spinning yet?

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